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Jiangsu Joyzoom Power Co., Ltd.  is located in the ancient city of Gaoyou, which has splendid scenery, well-developed economy, profound cultural heritage and a very long history. Joyzoom is close to the exit to Gaoyou of Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, near Lianyungang-Zhenjiang High-speed Railway and adjacent to Gaoyou Port of the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal in the west, with convenient transportation and unique location advantages.
Joyzoom was founded in 2014 with a total investment of RMB 300 million yuan, and the registered capital was RMB 500 million yuan. It possesses a standardized factory building of over 36,400 square meters that covers an area of about 47,000 square meters, with the annual production capacity of 1 million KVAH. Joyzoom has a group of experienced experts who have been engaged in power research and development for many years, senior scientific and 


technological talents and high-quality staff. It operates in strict accordance with ISO9001 Quality Management System and ISO14001 Environmental Management System and implements clean production. With perfect technology and diligent pursuit of product quality, the company has continuously launched a variety of high-quality battery products.
The Company with the brand of “Joyzoom” is a modern professional technology enterprise integrating scientific research and development, production and sales. Its main products are high energy lead-acid traction storage batteries and valve-regulated sealed maintenance-free lead-acid storage batteries.
Over the years, through resource integration, scientific and technological innovation and new product development, Joyzoom has produced storage battery products of more than 1,000 specifications and models which mainly forms the three series: batteries for traction and electric vehicles, batteries for photovoltaic energy storage and batteries for UPS. To meet the different requirements of various electric vehicles (boats), the Company adopts the proprietary technology of lead-acid traction batteries of VARTA Company of Germany to design, so that the product performance meets the requirements of GB (national standards of China), BS (British Standards), DIN (German standards), JIS (Japanese standards), BCI (American standards) and IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission Standards), which not only widely meets the needs of domestic market, but also meets the needs of international markets. The Company has carried out a large number of experiments and extensive practical applications on energy storage batteries for photovoltaic and wind power generation, and launched special energy storage batteries for street lamps, special energy storage batteries for plateau, special energy storage batteries for off-grid power stations, high-performance lead-carbon energy storage batteries and household intelligent energy storage batteries. The products have passed the "Golden Sun" certification and made rich achievements in this field. The products have been sold to all continents and are favored by foreign merchants. The product has the characteristics of large capacity, long service life, beautiful appearance, stability and reliability.
Joyzoom has strong technical strength, rich production experience, advanced manufacturing equipment and complete testing means. It formed a complete production management system from the polar plate manufacturing to batteries assembly, and all production equipment adopts domestic advanced production lines, providing a solid foundation for making high-quality batteries. Firmly seizing the favorable opportunity of national strategic adjustment of economic structure, taking the national policy of reform and opening up and scientific and technological progress as the driving force, taking science and technology as the foundation, talents as the support and the market as the guidance, the Company is further promoting the high-tech, large-scale and industrialization of products, promoting the products to domestic and international markets, and establishing famous brands in China and over the world.

  • 2014 Year


  • 300 Million Yuan

    Total Investment

  • 47000

    Land Area

  • 1 Million KVAh

    Production Capacity

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